The Return – Andrey Zvyagintsev

Well, the story begins like this:


The promise is promise. At last night when the time for it is not, especially in one of the Serbian preston theater (obscure witness various “famous” sessions social democratic, labor and other parties) on the outside temperature of -5 and internal only slightly higher (which is essential the further development of the story), the legend  street’s of Zemun, young housewives and user Lester’s garage Mr.Leopold Blum called Herr and me, with its typical delay (caused by Belgrade transport and purchase and consumption of sachet Smoki ie. its contents) we took their seats for the projection Venice’s last year’s winner, the film Return by Andrei Zvyagintsev. Phew, that was, at least in length, sentence worthy Marquez and Joyce. I took off my jacket, Herr took off his coat (this was already  Becket’s style).

On the trail of some old Russian author builds a strange and relatively mystical story about the meeting of two sons and their 12 years of an absent father who suddenly appears out of nowhere. No question the reasons for his absence making us initially surprised and then realize that it does not really matter. Very few words. It moves on the way, the way of learning life lessons, construction and culminating feelings of grievance, resentment, suffering, revenge, overcoming weaknesses dilemma, sacrificing … .On the questions no explicit answer, builds up tension in the staff full of empty space (empty squares, streets, restaurants, let roads ….). Relations between the three human beings culminate on the island (empty suppose :)) where they are brought to the mysterious phone contacts father. Photo is excellent, the scenes are sometimes a bit longer than it should (the effect of extended staff, it seems, knew how to use only Kurosawa and Tarkovsky) which is particularly bothered Herr. However, due to take off your coat did not blame him. On the other hand, there are a couple of outstanding Pan camera that has long been seen (for example by The Passenger by Antonioni and Tarkovsky’s Sacrifice.). Let’s say at the end of the camera from a height monitors outgoing car, goes down, go right, focuses time and the coast, moves away, climbs up to the left and ends when an even greater height desno.Mmm, excellent …

Scene on the island, a boat, in an abandoned house, lighthouse, coast fruitless and climax which in fact do not exist. No week. And that’s the film’s climax. If you are wondering why I said that there is no week answer is that at some point I thought, considering that the events divided by announcing the day (something like in The Shining) and the character of the events themselves, the similarity with the gospels and the description Christ’s last days on earth (although Herr remarked that it was a cheap pathos). Now, after a night of sleep, I think there is a basis for such thinking. And especially if we take into account several scenes built by Renaissance paintings of biblical themes and subsequent masters, the constant presence of fish-soul, lectures, theme of betrayal, disbelief … Also the film is dosed a number of movie reference, such as the scene of the fire (Stalker, Mirror) lunch (The Seventh Seal), bedroom (Sacrifice), earlier described the scene to walk the camera (The Passenger). Herr even video and Kusutirica motives. The film ends abnormally, queuing outstanding black and white photographs of all the events in the film. At any no father. In addition to the final where they were all together from early childhood.


As Proust finds his Time and sons find their father.

In the wake of one of the permanent Russian theme (Tarkovsky, Sokurov) – the relationship between parents and children, Andrey Zvyagintsev with his first film manages to be far enough and close enough to those authors but that it remains autonomous.

Excellent film.

Frozen Herr (consequence removed his coat) and Ulysses’s stiff knee (as a result of longer legs, narrow seats and slightly yellowed birth certificates) are then skated main preston street to the espresso and cappuccino in Sneki’s (read: trendy) live jazz bar.

And to paraphrase Arsen:
… .a little walk to Slavija squer and and almost….

for: P.U.L.S.E world edition: Boban Savković

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