Love you from Zero to 7

I’m not a Peca Popović. I just put it all together like this:

I didn’t know the lyrics of Destiny until now. Sia, inherent in her own right, does what she does in her voice, completely subordinates everything to it, words sometimes do not even make out, she is the most sensual of the three, so soft and dumpling. This song is the first bait that, I think, someone has to hook up to if it’s not already on Zero 7. The association (first stanza) to the pink bathrobe, Scarlet J. in “Lost in Translation” and maybe to me on myself.

“I’ve gone to ground

I’m watching porn

In my hotel dressing gown

Now I dream of you
But I still believe

There’s only enough for one in this
lonely hotel suit…”

And the end of the song, just a voice and music, white striped sheets, a dark brown bed, a high headboard and a cold room, it’s August outside. So, first on the list should be Destiny❤️


Give it AwayGive it Away


And then, when you’re already in the mood and ready for nirvana, then maybe the crazy bass from Give it away and those little rattles that rattle in the headphones. Then the piano, violins are played, and the bass hits sex all the time❤️

Zero 7 listen either on or on surround, otherwise not.




Then…This is where I found the vibe with Atom heart mother. What, I don’t know. I’m in my room, I’m about 20 years old, green apples Granny Smith. I have no idea.


The Road (live)


I thought this was Morcheeba when I first heard it. Nice. A concert version is also possible, it is more soulful😉


After the FallAfter the Fall


Sweet child o’ mine And then the latest album (if I’m not mistaken) with this black voice and a white man, Lou Stone.🤎


Destiny (Bing Lounge)


Then one therapy, Passing by with the wonderful Sophie Barker (she wrote In the Waiting line and Destiny and doesn’t have to do anything else), Here’s a little digression


Passing byPassing by


Here she is, a totally soft voice, warm, sung, Sia sings from her stomach and lungs, this one somehow from her head, I don’t know which one is more wonderful😂


Simple Things


Now let’s go to the black man with a black voice. Moses❤️❤️❤️



Give it Away


This one can make one roar❤️ . After it, the instrumental must regain its breath



In a Waiting Line


This goes on a loop❤️

“This is the song I play in my head in a long distance bike ride”


When I’m born again, I’ll be a bass player. But sparrows already know that.


In The Waiting Line Live – Jools Holland 2001



In The Waiting Line (Bing Lounge)



Red Dust


Everywhere is wonderful. Cleaning with instruments again.




This verse is perhaps my favorite of all:


Make Miss me Mrs You”


 For a moment, this one reminded me of the pain from Live with me, Massive attack, the pain is alive and very good❤️


Warm Sound


A row of crusts. Fillet order. Therapy again. Moses❤️



Somersault ft. Sia



Joy! The beauty of experiencing a being that is not aware that it enchants everything around (my view, don’t mind)

And of course, he knows all the actions.


Outline (Live)


Cello, piano and voice. And little Lou again





Next…Someone says that Tina is their best singer. I do not know





You want The Beatles?



When It Falls


Calm down


The End



For  P.U.L.S.E Ljiljana Kopitović

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