The Birth of Joy Division

The Joy Division story has been told many times, yet it never stops seeming too bizarre to be true. Jon Savage, best known for his…

The Accidental Perfection of the Beatles’ White Album

To mark this month’s fiftieth anniversary of the Beatles’ ninth album, “The Beatles”—universally known as the White Album—several new expanded and enhanced editions…

Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’

“We’ve been doing new tracks that are really fantastic and we’ve just been getting into them,” Jimi Hendrix told Rolling Stone in February 1968, right…


2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey

“There’s something in the human personality which resents things that…


The endless influence of the Bauhaus

The endless influence of the Bauhaus

Here in Berlin, Germany’s Bauhaus Archiv is throwing a farewell party. Next year this museum will close for renovation, and until then it’s presenting a display of ‘greatest…


Secret Sorrow – Knut Hamsun

Secret Sorrow – Knut Hamsun

Knut Hamsun (1859–1952) was a major Norwegian writer, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1920.…

Isaac Asimov’s Guide to the Bible

Isaac Asimov’s Guide to the Bible

A Witty, Erudite Atheist’s Guide to the World’s Most Famous Book Everyone should read the Bible, and—I’d argue—should…

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  • The Beatles
  • James Joyce
  • Ludwig Wittgenstein
  • Stanley Kubrick


Petra: The rose red city of the Nabataeans

There is only one true way to experience Petra—the greatest city of the Nabataeans, a people who occupied the area from Sinai and Negev…

The Pyramid of Pachacamac

The Pyramid of Pachacamac

The Pyramids of Pachacamac; an ancient Masterpiece of construction. Pachacamac is a Pre-Inca archaeological site located roughly 40 km southeast of Lima, Peru. Archaeologists have…